Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars

Kat, an old roommate of mine who is an adult with A.D.D. once explained what every day was like for her. She hears and notices everything –each sound amplified and recorded in her mind, demanding equal attention. Her life is rich with detail, but such richness has a downside. “It can be overwhelming,” she said. InContinue reading “Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars”

The Refugees are Coming

othing could bring this point further home than the current refugee crisis. It’s not so much a crisis, but an End of the World as We Know it. Don’t take REM’s word for it. Don’t take my word for it. But take the World Bank’s and the International Monetary Funds’ words for it:

TC Boyle and the Shadow of Fame

Tonight I attended a Border Kitchen event held at Theatre aan het Spui in The Hague to hear TC Boyle speak about life, writing and his latest book “The Harder They Come.” I’ve only read two novels by TC Boyle: “Riven Rock” and “Drop City.” I immensely enjoyed both novels and believe TC Boyle to beContinue reading “TC Boyle and the Shadow of Fame”

The Nappy of Jesus

I’ve lived in The Netherlands for four years now and have never been to Germany. It’s not from lack of desire or some repressed cold-war hostility I hold onto as an American. On the contrary, I have German friends; I admire German efficiency and quite often covet German-made products. I also hold certain vague notionsContinue reading “The Nappy of Jesus”