Compost and Marches

Today, while I was at a composting workshop, women all over the world were participating in Women’s Marches, standing up against racism, sexism, all sorts of isms, speaking out for our health, our equality and forming connections to forge a new beginning. I would have liked to be marching with you, but I had aContinue reading “Compost and Marches”

Hold Still: A Disjointed Account of Four Moms on a Saturday Afternoon

There were four of us at the table, and six of our little people among the masses of children jumping and screaming on the indoor trampolines. We sat on the hard metal stools drinking cappuccinos, our mile-a-minute conversations flowing; the music blaring over the loud speakers mixed with the  high-pitched screams of fright and pleasureContinue reading “Hold Still: A Disjointed Account of Four Moms on a Saturday Afternoon”

Are you up for being Human?

A few weeks ago, I went to the Nutshuis in the center of The Hague to watch a documentary called Human  directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This 2015 documentary, presented by Alliance Francaise La Haye (French Alliance of The Hague) explores what it means to be human world wide. It started out as a festive evening. Rows of woodenContinue reading “Are you up for being Human?”

A Glass of Tap Water Please?

In the U.S., receiving a glass of tap water with your meal at a restaurant is about as normal as receiving a fork, knife and spoon with which to eat your food. Restaurants in drought areas don’t bring it automatically, but if you ask for a glass of water, they will bring you one without hesitation. But ifContinue reading “A Glass of Tap Water Please?”


We have a great line up for Earth Day 2016. Check out this link for a list of workshops, stands and more! Saturday 23 april, 2016 Workshops 11:00-11:45 Room/ Zaal 1: Eigen Zeep maken/ Make your own soap Room/ Zaal 1: Naai Atelier (doorlopend) Sewing Atelier (ongoing) Room/ Zaal 2: Gemeente Den Haag Mun… Source: Participants

Drivel of the Privileged

I had one of those woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed days this past Thursday. Things just wouldn’t function. Drawers wouldn’t close properly. My computer was PMSing. A client showed up without a reservation. “Surprise! We’re here!” When I got home at 6:30pm, I was ready to put the day behind me. That’s when I noticed; my sweater was inside out.Continue reading “Drivel of the Privileged”