Kristin’s Blog

Friends and family in California are curious about “life in Holland.”
That curiosity, paired with my penchant for writing, led to the creation of this blog.
Feel free to follow along as the blogging journey continues.

Talk About What you Read

I recently read that discussing the contents of a reading passage with others can give you new insights into the text that you might not have realized on your own, increasing your reading comprehension. Although I came across this information in an IEA publication about developing reading comprehension in elementary school students, I think this…

Water and Chapels

Last weekend, my friend Anna invited me to go swimming in a canal near Anna Paulowna. I knew she and her husband went to this semi-secret spot on a regular basis, and I jumped at the chance. We drove through the countryside until we came to an area where the thick stalks of river grass…


Have you ever had that experience where something in a novel crosses over into your world? I’m currently reading Autumn, by Ali Smith, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2017, and I had one of those crossover moments today: All across the country, there was misery and rejoicing . . . All…

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