Going to see the Swami

Swami Sukhchaitanya was scheduled to speak from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on the third floor of a vacant office building in Den Haag. As we drove with a friend through the gray afternoon on our way to the event, we talked about the Art of Living. I have only been to one Art of Living event before,Continue reading “Going to see the Swami”

I’ve been Prined!

Last Sunday we decided to skip church and go see a swami instead. Skipping church, when your house is attached to a church, is no easy feat for an x-Catholic. Because even though I am an independent adult, that stereotypical guilt pops up like a self-flagellating nun on my shoulder, honing in on my every action.  Do you hear those peopleContinue reading “I’ve been Prined!”