Why do you write?

I was speaking to my brother on the phone the other day about a post on a blog we both follow called Life of Johnston. She starts her post with the following: “I only started this online diary as a publicity stunt for my books. Yet fame continues to elude me. It seems that aContinue reading “Why do you write?”

Boston Marathon, Interpreter of Maladies, Displacement

I woke up early Tuesday morning to the screeching of trams rolling along the tracks mixed with the pleasant chirping of birds. After a thirty minute meditation, I eased into the morning routine of making breakfast, packing lunch for my son, getting my own bag ready for my Tuesday morning gym class and kissing myContinue reading “Boston Marathon, Interpreter of Maladies, Displacement”

Strange Things the Dutch Don’t Do

The Napkin A few weeks ago a beam of sunshine cracked through the thick layers of gray and we celebrated by going out to a cafe. Our son ordered a tosti (a diminuitive of the grilled cheese sandwich) and Chocomel (chocolate milk that is so well branded, it dominates the market, and is a staple in everyContinue reading “Strange Things the Dutch Don’t Do”