Presentation during 6-24-17 Parelroute 2017 Bezuidenhout

Have you ever walked through your neighborhood and heard one of your neighbors playing live music and wished you could walk in and listen? Glanced into an open window to see art lining the walls of a ground floor residence and wished you could enter that home like a gallery? Or wished to enter thatContinue reading “Presentation during 6-24-17 Parelroute 2017 Bezuidenhout”

TC Boyle and the Shadow of Fame

Tonight I attended a Border Kitchen event held at Theatre aan het Spui in The Hague to hear TC Boyle speak about life, writing and his latest book “The Harder They Come.” I’ve only read two novels by TC Boyle: “Riven Rock” and “Drop City.” I immensely enjoyed both novels and believe TC Boyle to beContinue reading “TC Boyle and the Shadow of Fame”

Green by Kristin Anderson

Have you ever seen an image that stirs you within? Reminds you of childhood, of longing, of romance, of hope, of nature, anticipation? I had such an experience when I encountered Catrin Welz-Stein’s digital artwork online, especially her painting The View. I looked at that painting and decided I had to order a poster. Then,Continue reading “Green by Kristin Anderson”