Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars

Kat, an old roommate of mine who is an adult with A.D.D. once explained what every day was like for her. She hears and notices everything –each sound amplified and recorded in her mind, demanding equal attention. Her life is rich with detail, but such richness has a downside. “It can be overwhelming,” she said. InContinue reading “Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars”

Easter Art, Todd Anderson and Nature

Art is everywhere: In museums and galleries, on the wall of your home or dentist’s office. I enjoy visiting museums and cherish my 90 seconds of interrupted viewing of the great masters before I have to make way for the next museum visitor. I am equally intrigued by the Rembrandt’s in the Mauritshuis as I amContinue reading “Easter Art, Todd Anderson and Nature”