Drivel of the Privileged

I had one of those woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed days this past Thursday. Things just wouldn’t function. Drawers wouldn’t close properly. My computer was PMSing. A client showed up without a reservation. “Surprise! We’re here!” When I got home at 6:30pm, I was ready to put the day behind me. That’s when I noticed; my sweater was inside out.Continue reading “Drivel of the Privileged”

Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars

Kat, an old roommate of mine who is an adult with A.D.D. once explained what every day was like for her. She hears and notices everything –each sound amplified and recorded in her mind, demanding equal attention. Her life is rich with detail, but such richness has a downside. “It can be overwhelming,” she said. InContinue reading “Crazy Man, Art and Happiness Jars”

January 1, 2016 Impressions

It started in the early hours of the morning with a round of Pommery champagne as we join strangers on the corner, all gazing skyward at the sparkling, cascading mayhem of gunpowder disguised as fireworks; aware, like someone on a new frontier, that no one is in charge; anything is possible. Long after our New Year’sContinue reading “January 1, 2016 Impressions”

Sunday Ride: Now and Then

When we were kids, my brothers and I were periodically subjected to my father’s long Sunday drives after church. If my father was still alive, I think he would recall these drives as the foundation of our interests in architectural style. My memory to date is that I hated them: the three of us kidsContinue reading “Sunday Ride: Now and Then”

She’s back. But is she here to stay?

Some people find the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions to be a bunch of childish mamby pamby for losers who don’t realize it’s just another day. Me? I’m a dyed in the wool sucker for hope and fresh beginnings in the New Year. And if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s me making a wholeContinue reading “She’s back. But is she here to stay?”

Rothko at the Gemeente Museum

Can an artist portray emotions of happiness, fear or ecstasy through the sole use of rectangular shapes of color?  Can they do so without explanation or words? That is the question that came to the forefront Saturday afternoon during a visit to the Gemeentemuseum to view the Rothko exhibit I have to admit, his large swaths ofContinue reading “Rothko at the Gemeente Museum”


Although I tend to avoid antique stores and second hand shops because of the crowded nature of the lay out and the often musty smell that comes with old things, I am drawn to bazaars and the hidden treasures they provide. Bazaars have an extra carpe diem appeal because they are often one or two dayContinue reading “Possessions”

Whew hew! Really?

I wrote this post a month ago, but it is strangely in synch with today’s forecast, at least weather wise. It was a gorgeous day: sun out, warm, an ever so slight breeze rustling the trees, and it was my day off. But I wasn’t feeling so gorgeous myself, clad in faded 501s, an oldContinue reading “Whew hew! Really?”

Is there a distance threshold for friendships?

When I moved abroad the first time around (Amsterdam 2004), it felt like a European adventure. I had only been to Europe once before and for a measly three weeks, not nine months. My U.S. friends were keen to hear about my adventures and when I moved back Stateside less than a year later, I picked up where I left off.Continue reading “Is there a distance threshold for friendships?”

Havana, Deventer, Apes and Cousins

When I was in my mid-twenties, I worked for a short stint as a museum travel program assistant. Although most of my hours were spent in a tiny office doing paperwork and taking reservations, on a few occasions I actually got to travel. The most exciting of my journeys was to Cuba with two dozen wealthy clients,Continue reading “Havana, Deventer, Apes and Cousins”