Christmassy Towns and Giving Thanks

Are you a Christmas lover or Christmas hater? Okay. So it’s not so green and red as that; there’s a whole spectrum of possibilities in between. Perhaps you’re someone who likes all the presents but doesn’t like the religious aspect, or someone who highly dislikes how this religious holiday has been hijacked by consumerism. Or maybe it just stressesContinue reading “Christmassy Towns and Giving Thanks”

Rommel Piet that Black Friday

As you were perhaps paging through a Martha Stewart magazine mid November for a little inspiration on a Thanksgiving centerpiece or savory side dish, we were gearing up for the steamboat arrival of Sinterklaas and his zwarte piet collective. As you were unfortunately pulling another late night at the office to meet that pre-holiday deadline,  we were singing Sinterklaas liedjes in front of our son’s carrotContinue reading “Rommel Piet that Black Friday”