The Beagle Among Us

Consider this scenario. Your child is six and they want a puppy. The idea of having a dog is not foreign to you. You had one growing up and quite enjoyed it. You understand your child’s wish, but you think it’s a trope, a fleeting desire shared by millions of children around the world. SoContinue reading “The Beagle Among Us”

Multiple Realities

Explosion When I woke up it was sunny. By the time I got breakfast on the table it was sprinkling and overcast. My son was apparently under the spell of the weather, transforming from happy and cooperative to feisty and unbearable within a 15 minute time frame. He exploded. I exploded. Words were exchanged. WeContinue reading “Multiple Realities”

The Currency of Hugs

Sometimes when my son speaks to me, I feel like I am the grasshopper and he the master. It is not for the clarity of his statements that I feel this way, but for the oxymoronic riddles he weaves. For example, he was sad that he only had two Father’s Day presents for Arie Jan.Continue reading “The Currency of Hugs”

Six boys

My husband and I were both excited and fearful as our son’s 6th birthday approached. We were excited because our little guy was turning six and his exuberant energy was contagious. We were riddled with fear and anxiety as memories of last year’s birthday party played through our minds accompanied by the mantra of “never again.” Last year’s “celebration” provided a rather harshContinue reading “Six boys”

Can adults truly embrace Spontaneity?

I grew up with the belief that spontaneity is an important element in a life well lived. It was part of my family’s impulsive sense of humor; it played itself out in the creative bedtime stories my mom wove during long summer nights, and it seemed to be the only guiding factor in our summerContinue reading “Can adults truly embrace Spontaneity?”