Scheveningen, Oprah, Deepak and Ezra

Today was a day of taking other people’s suggestions to heart. This morning, I read an email that my friend Alice Tropper forwarded about a 21-day meditation organized by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I barely read the forwarded email before I came to my conclusion; sure, why not? I could use some meditation. Click ThenContinue reading “Scheveningen, Oprah, Deepak and Ezra”

zomerafdwingers (summer enforcers)

Although this post is mainly about the sun, I must first take a little trip down memory lane: On December 31st, 2010 we arrived in the Netherlands to the surreal experience of Dutch New Years on jetlag–every man, woman and child for himself launching legal and illegal fireworks into the air, the neighbors, nearby automobiles; people of all ages standing onContinue reading “zomerafdwingers (summer enforcers)”

Beach Days, Sex Crazed, meditation and Jellyfish

I spoke to my sister-in-law in America last night and she reported having just thought of me while flipping through a sportswear catalog.  Among the image laden pages of must-haves was a pair of sleek thermal running pants for extreme climates. She figured I was probably in need of such an item, poor thing, in the miserable weather of Holland. Yet, to herContinue reading “Beach Days, Sex Crazed, meditation and Jellyfish”