SRAH hiring worldwide during Coronavirus shutdown

I’ve just applied to a position at Self Realization AH (SRAH), which is one of the few entities hiring during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. It is part time, but if I play my cards right, it could turn into a full time, lucrative job. In these uncertain times, SRAH has made it clear that the pay is 100% commission-based. They’ve also established that the currency of pay is not a traditional currency, such as Euros, USD,  Yuan or Kroner. They’re not even paying in the official Coronavirus currency of TP.

In fact, in the words of SRAH “Only you can determine the currency.” I know it sounds like a riddle. That’s because it is a riddle; one that only you can unravel. 

Here’s a bit more about the advert, which oddly enough, I couldn’t find on LinkedIn. 

SRAH is now hiring worldwide!! We are looking for candidates who are motivated, are willing to open their hearts, can work from home and are ready to make major changes in the way they view themselves and the world. 


  • Must limit all non-essential physical contact with the outside world and follow all Coronavirus protocols provided by your government
  • Must be radically honest with oneself and be open to change
  • Must follow through on all tasks once started
  • 100% commitment to the job
  • Must set a 1 hour daily limit on time spent reading or watching the news
  • Must limit all non-essential screen time to 2 hours
  • Must not hoard toilet paper or protective masks

Skills and qualities needed:

  • Highly motivated
  • Candidates have the ability to follow through on tasks once started. 
  • The ideal candidate is flexible and has an open mind, but is willing to learn how to prioritize in a new manner
  • Open to trying foods potentially out of your comfort zone, such as humble pie, hot potatoes, apple of my eye, and be willing to ‘spice things up.’
  • Patient with others. Patient with yourself
  • Previous experience helpful, but not required

I realize I haven’t shared the job position with you yet. But the full business name will put you on the right track. SRAH  is Self Realization at Home. 

The job position is already in the title. But here is an expanded description: Be the person you’ve always wanted to be by meeting and embracing your true self. 

That’s it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? No. Actually. No. It’s probably the hardest damned job out there. 

You’ve probably realized by now that the ‘entity’ that is hiring worldwide is you. Not only you, but each and every one of us who is willing to take this time of societal lock down as a chance to really figure out what fulfills us.  I’m not talking about being fulfilled by ordering all those things you’ve always wanted online. This type of fulfillment is inside you and has a lifetime warranty. Though you have to work at it every day to keep that warranty valid.

How you step into this position is up to you. Your approach will be clearly influenced by your own belief systems and cultural orientation.

For me, it will mean taking time and space to meditate and pray. It will mean being radically honest with myself about what is alive inside of me, and giving that vision priority in my life. It will mean acknowledging and shedding bad habits and beliefs, but not shredding myself to death should I fail. It will mean acknowledging my weak points (such as a hot temper and perfectionist tendencies) and consciously committing to being more patient, loving and engaging with my husband and son as well as myself.

It will mean honoring my writing by blocking out writing time each and every day and committing to getting the words down on the page. It will mean studying English grammar, following an online course on Teaching Business English offered by the TEFL Academy.

It will mean connecting with the outside world via online platforms and by phone to stay connected to humanity, whether in the form of a FaceTime call to my mother, or following an online meditation course through The Art of Living. But it will also mean creating space to simply listen to that voice within me. 

According to no one in particular and everyone at large, this is THE JOB to take during the Coronavirus shut down; especially if you’re stuck at home with other family members for some indefinite period of time.

Self Realization at Home is still hiring worldwide. Apply today!

If we all accept our letters of application made by ourselves to ourselves, and we are kind but firm in our self-appointed “I am the boss of me” positions, and we focus on enlightenment and humanity as part of strengthening ourselves, we will collectively emerge from the Coronavirus shutdown as happier, more conscious members of the world population. So why not apply today?

Published by kristininholland

I believe in living with integrity and in choosing a lifestyle that shows respect for our environment. Although continually attracted to the idea of imminent success with the publication of my two novels, I am also greatly drawn to living simply and living well: loving my family and friends, and being aware and present for those moments in life--a spontaneous hug from my son, a smile to a stranger, moments of insight--that define real connection and success with peace, love and happiness.

One thought on “SRAH hiring worldwide during Coronavirus shutdown

  1. How did I miss this one?

    Since I’m reading this about a month after you posted it, I’m tempted to ask–how’s your new career going?

    My own personal growth has been pretty much centered in my ass. Plus I made brioche cinnamon rolls. Coincidence?

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