She’s back. But is she here to stay?

Some people find the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions to be a bunch of childish mamby pamby for losers who don’t realize it’s just another day. Me? I’m a dyed in the wool sucker for hope and fresh beginnings in the New Year. And if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s me making a whole list of resolutions and tackling them with glee and newfound hope.

Counting on that momentum, mid December Kristin–whilst saying yes to a second helping of hazelnut marzipan cake and a double cappuccino–waved her hand nonchalantly as if to say “No worries! January 1st Kristin will put a stop to all this indulgence. So just keep on keeping on before the party ends!”  But a funny thing happened on the way to the New Year; I had thoughts and imaginings and even talks. But the resolutions never came.

I thought about dusting off the juicer and starting a daily routine of fresh carrot-celery-ginger juice for the whole family. I imagined signing up for a 10k and developing a training schedule. I talked quite a bit about this being the year that my son should actually enroll in a sport of some sort. I even thought vaguely about the plot of my second book, and how I’d left my lead character in the precarious situation of undergoing eye surgery while a hit man was heading toward the hospital where it was being performed.

I had the best intentions to move things forward. But cookies held sway over carrots, streaming movies via Netflix trumped time working on my second novel, and my son seemed perfectly happy sitting on his butt playing with all of his new legos, so why did I have to go and change?

But then January 14th rolled around and BAM! January 1st Kristin is here, “resolutionizing” everything in sight. I simply said no to any processed sugar for the entire day and had no problem keeping my promise to myself. I confirmed a visit to the Haagse Rugby Club and made the trip downtown with my son to purchase cleats, warm work-out clothes and a mouth guard. I resolved a half dozen loose ends with friends, work and projects and despite the ice-cold weather, I biked my son to the Haagse Rugby club at 6:00pm in the evening to introduce him to this rough and tumble gentleman’s sport.

I even scheduled a piano lesson for my son next week and agreed to a morning run with a friend from the gym who is training for a half marathon. Did I mention that I actually arranged a babysitter for Friday night so that my husband and I can attend a lecture by Karen Armstrong?

So New Year’s resolution Kristin is back, but is she here to stay? I certainly hope so, because I simply cannot endure another sugar-frosted cookie, late night movie that leaves me groggy in the morning or hearing myself whine about not taking the time to write. That’s so 2014!

Happy New Year!

Published by kristininholland

I believe in living with integrity and in choosing a lifestyle that shows respect for our environment. Although continually attracted to the idea of imminent success with the publication of my two novels, I am also greatly drawn to living simply and living well: loving my family and friends, and being aware and present for those moments in life--a spontaneous hug from my son, a smile to a stranger, moments of insight--that define real connection and success with peace, love and happiness.

5 thoughts on “She’s back. But is she here to stay?

  1. Ha Ha! I get you BIG TIME! I actually did something very unusual this year. I started on December 28: no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, no processed foods, more classes at the Y, longer walks…and…it is WORKING! Just do not put a frosted cookie in front of me at 7:30 PM when the NetFlix are starting…

  2. Loved your post “She’s Back…” Is Ezra up to the aches and pains he will probably receive in rugby? What happened to his swimming? That is the best of all sports,


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