“Tell No One”

"Tell No One".

What an amazing poem. Re-posted from Mirror obscura 🙂

Published by kristininholland

I believe in living with integrity and in choosing a lifestyle that shows respect for our environment. Although continually attracted to the idea of imminent success with the publication of my two novels, I am also greatly drawn to living simply and living well: loving my family and friends, and being aware and present for those moments in life--a spontaneous hug from my son, a smile to a stranger, moments of insight--that define real connection and success with peace, love and happiness.

4 thoughts on ““Tell No One”

  1. Your name is not written after the poem, for starters, and it has a very classical style to it. I won’t make any comparisons because it’s been a fair number of years since my BA in English Lit days, but it has an epic, ageless style. It is not caught in a decade or century by references to, for example, stagecoaches or space shuttles, or something else that would lock it into time. It just speaks to the human condition, nature and life processes.

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