Dutch Flat

Dutch Flat After spending the first six weeks in the Netherlands with my husband’s brother’s family (see last post), we moved to my in-laws’ traditional Dutch flat while they went on vacation to the Belgian countryside. Located on the ground floor of a four-story brick apartment building, their flat has the absolute luxury of a back yard. Not oneContinue reading “Dutch Flat”

Running in the Bos

Last time I lived in a cold climate, I got fat. Not obese, but about all the fat a tall frame like mine, genetically prone to be slender, can take. The former expansion project in Moscow, Idaho was aided by frequent pints of Hefeweizen and other extra curricular activities common to university towns. Now, my issue is theContinue reading “Running in the Bos”

Book Happy

Friday morning, I got up at 5:45 am to shower, get dressed, make tea, sit on the couch and call America. The phone rang four times before I heard a familiar voice pick up. I was soon on speaker phone listening to my girlfriends cheering because I had “joined them” for book club night. Seeing that I’m nowContinue reading “Book Happy”

Ezra learns about the Helaal

I remember being in a classroom as a child, but I don’t remember school wide projects focused on one theme. Perhaps those early years in college spent with the reggae band Jah-Bone had a blurring effect on my early childhood memories. Yet this memory of Ezra’s school is clear and fresh, so I’ll write aboutContinue reading “Ezra learns about the Helaal”

Commuting by Bike in Holland

Upon arrival, one of the first things our Dutch family provided for us, besides a ride from the airport and a place to sleep, was a pair of bicycles. Nice bikes. Not a gift, but bikes on loan until we had our own. It seems a Dutch man without a bicycle is like an AmericanContinue reading “Commuting by Bike in Holland”

Dutch Friends, Dutch Sandstorms and Buurvrouws

This past weekend we visited friends in Amsterdam. I was especially looking forward to our visit, as I like the way Arie Jan settles into a rhythm with these friends, despite a gap of a year or so between visits. Gonnie and Arie were in the same philosophy program together, and there is something special about having friendsContinue reading “Dutch Friends, Dutch Sandstorms and Buurvrouws”

Noordermarkt, Proust and Overhead Lamps

This past Saturday, we headed to our old digs of Amsterdam to go on a walkabout and  meet up with friends. As we left Central Train station and headed into the city, I excitedly pointed out old landmarks: “There’s the street I would take to bike to Dam Square,” or “this is the canal that has that little vegetarianContinue reading “Noordermarkt, Proust and Overhead Lamps”

Mijn Nederslandse les

I have signed up for Dutch classes designed for foreigners like myself who have a child attending a Dutch school. The course if offered for free to the mother’s of children at the school who need to learn Dutch. There was no mention of fathers. Only mothers. And, there are only mothers in my class.Continue reading “Mijn Nederslandse les”

My Background with the Dutch Language

Last time I lived in Holland, I took a Dutch class in hopes of poking a hole or two in that guttural wall of noise otherwise known as the Dutch language. I signed up with the British Language Training Center for a rather expensive 12 week course and met many well to do English speaking Expats, several of which have remainedContinue reading “My Background with the Dutch Language”