Vicarious epiphany: Insights from The Art of Living and the process of letting go

Okay. The process of letting go is far too complex to be solved in any one blog post. Yet, I feel compelled to share with you what I experienced a few days ago in an “Art of Living” based meditation I was provided a little bit of wisdom that is already working wonders in my ability to breatheContinue reading “Vicarious epiphany: Insights from The Art of Living and the process of letting go”

Mijn Nederslandse les

I have signed up for Dutch classes designed for foreigners like myself who have a child attending a Dutch school. The course if offered for free to the mother’s of children at the school who need to learn Dutch. There was no mention of fathers. Only mothers. And, there are only mothers in my class.Continue reading “Mijn Nederslandse les”

My Background with the Dutch Language

Last time I lived in Holland, I took a Dutch class in hopes of poking a hole or two in that guttural wall of noise otherwise known as the Dutch language. I signed up with the British Language Training Center for a rather expensive 12 week course and met many well to do English speaking Expats, several of which have remainedContinue reading “My Background with the Dutch Language”